Flex-Tip& Pacifier Thermometer

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    • Type:Infrared

    Key Features

    MT905 and MP100 are included

    Flex-Tip Thermometer

    This novelty unit is a pacifier with two winged-shields, whichcan be closed while pacifier isnot in use to avoid unnecessarycontact to the nipple.
    • Self-closed shields when dropping on the floor
    • Both Silicone nipple and Latex nipple are available
    • Patented in USA, Taiwan, China, Europe
    • Good Product Design Award of 2005
    →Lint free nipple all the time. 
    →Self-closed shields. (S type) 
    →No more lost pacifier cover
    Pacifier Thermometer

    Reliable clinical thermometer manufacturers.
    Pacifier thermometer manufacturers offer a wide selection of top-tier products. 

    • 1-pc design for easily use
    • Standard round shape
    • Beeper, Memory, Waterproof, Fever alarm
    • Silicone nipple Size 1
    • Business Type : Manufacturer, OEM, ODM

    Product Certification

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